Product Details

Black glass fiber thin mat is made of high-density, alkali free glass fiber mat after dyeing and processing, with the effect of flame retardant and sound absorption decoration. Its environmentally friendly adhesive ensures that the product has the characteristics of high strength, good color fixation, friction resistance, and fiber stability.

Product Usage:

The glass fiber air duct lining is laminated on the surface of Glass wool plate with high-strength and friction resistant black glass fiber felt, which is a special material used for thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction in the air duct system. It can significantly reduce the noise emitted by air vents, maintain indoor tranquility, and ensure environmental health through antibacterial and mold resistant measures.

The back of the wooden sound-absorbing board is made of black glass fiber felt, which has the characteristics of good absorption, zero reflection, moisture-proof and soundproof, and improved sound quality.

The surface of the solar panel collector adopts black glass fiber felt, which has the advantages of high sunlight absorption rate, no shrinkage deformation and volatility, and excellent processing performance without loss.

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